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Green light for your projects

We implement systems that will increase the success of your projects. We build our solutions on a proven platform that covers all areas of project and portfolio management.

Digital transformation

We see digital transformation in the broader context of technology, environment and business strategies. Thanks to our knowledge of modern technologies and strategic management, we can advise and propose solutions.

Productivity at all levels

We improve the performance of the entire organisation through a holistic view of productivity at all three levels – organisation, team and individual.


Innovation is key to gaining strategic advantage and part of digital transformation. From idea to implementation is a challenging journey that we can support.

Process automation

The performance of existing processes can be improved by automating them appropriately. This then provides tools for further optimisation.

Technology and business

We connect the worlds of technology and business. Our team members have overlapping experience in both areas. That’s why the solutions we design really work.

Change Management

How the new tools are introduced into the organisation is crucial to the success of the project. That is why we address this change management during project preparation.

Microsoft Platform

Our solutions are based on the Microsoft platform. With the help of individual components (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Project, SharePoint, Teams, Azure, etc.) and our own superstructures we create compact and comprehensive solutions integrated into the information environment of our customers.

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We are a technology consulting company focused on digital transformation and increasing business productivity. By understanding our customers’ needs, we implement project management tools and automate processes in their organizations. For the implementation of systems we use cloud technologies from Microsoft, of which we are a certified Gold partner.

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Microsoft Project is the most widely used desktop application for project planning and management. By using Project Online and connecting with other staff, you get a comprehensive system for project portfolio management and project team communication. Sign up for our training and accelerate your project management.

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